Friday, February 15, 2013

Brave Steps

You know how it is; 'more ideas than time' is often the catch-cry of the maker.  There are so many things that you want to make, that sometimes actually making something new is a little scary and a tad overwhelming.  

Maybe it's because you're really comfortable with what you are making now, and you don't know if you can move away from your signature products; maybe you tell yourself you don't have time to work out all the specs, with orders already backing up; maybe it's because you're not quite sure if you can translate your vision into reality; or maybe it's because you don't know how a new product will be recieved by the public. 

And so often what happens is product development is put off way longer than it should be.

But then life has a way of kicking you up the behind, to give you the push that you need.  Like someone asking you for a product which is kinda like what you do, but a whole new thing too. A natural step forwards, which you have been tinkering with - theoretically.

I can write with such authority on this subject because two weeks ago I was the person as described above; lots of ideas but no time and opportunity to do something new.  But then Bec of Little Toot Creations sent me a message which scared and excited me at the same time.

Her challenge: turn this notebook cover design, into an artwork piece.

Read more about the process of this book cover design coming to life HERE.

Oh sure!  The one thing that I had been desperatly wanting to do, and desperately putting off for ages!

So with eldest child now in Preps, and youngest child daytime napping, it really was time to sit down with canvas, paint, fabric and buttons and make it happen.

It was slow to begin with, as I recalled my art and design training from high school.  Resolving the design first, tentitvely putting paint to canvas, watching as the artwork moved in a slightly different direction than the brief and initial designs had planned (the artwork had it's own ideas of what it wanted to be), worrying if the customer would still like it, and whether it was any good anyway!  Sheesh!  So stressful..... and the best thing I have done in ages; and by that, I mean meeting this challenge has been theraputic, exciting and wonderful.

Original work of art by 
Tania Goranitis of 
Chicken Ink.  Creative
Mixed media canvas 50 X 45cms 
Acrylic paint, original lino cut wren, fabric, buttons, string of bunting

Anyone have any suggestions for a title?

Sorry about the watermark, but I am slightly proud of this and don't want to see it suddenly appear somewhere else as 'someone else's' work.

See those details?  That is actual fabric, bonded to the painting, buttons as berries and an actual string of bunting across the top!

Thankfully, Bec loves it, although it is a little more colourful than first intended.  To Bec I owe a debt of gratitude for being such a patient and understanding client during this process.  It is afterall the first painting I have completed since VCE in 1997 - yikes that makes me feel old!

So, the question is, to do more of this or not?  Your feedback and ideas will surely help me to make that decision!  Comments on the blog appreciated.

Artworks of this size/similar design will retail for $65 plus postage.

Oh and by the way - I challenge YOU to develop one new product by the end of February!  What ideas have you been tinkering with in the back of your mind? Might just be the time to make it happen!

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  1. It looks GREAT Tania! Very nice! I am challenging myself with new products which is a scary step - a whole new different line so I'm being brave already :-)


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