Sunday, November 13, 2011

A new blog for Chicken Ink - and a competition too

I am excited to launch my new blog for Chicken Ink. Creative. It has been long overdue and I look forward to sharing lots of great stuff with you. Things from my head and heart, tutorials, behind the scenes of C.I. and more.... what ever takes my fancy. I hope that you will enjoy it.

Blog Launch Competition
Sooooo... are you a clever wordsmith? If so, then I need you!

This sketch is the design for my next lino cut and really needs a witty, snappy phrase to go with it.

Something that explains our drive to create. Our passion for fabric. Why we stay up til 3am sewing away the night before a market. Why we can't live without being creative.

You know, something along the lines of:
  • I breath, therefore I sew
  • Craft if the new black
  • I have dye running through my veins
Do you know one, or can you create your own?

No more than 10 words if possible please. If it is not your own, please tell me who created the phrase. If it is your own, please tell me that too.

The Prize
The winner will receive up to $50 worth of products from Chicken Ink. which will be custom made PLUS the thrill of seeing their entry printed on Chicken Ink. products.

The Process
Subscribe to my blog and leave a comment with your phrase, if it is yours or someone else's and your contact email address.

I will review all entries and put my favorite choices into a poll and ask people to vote. The entry that polls the highest number of votes will be our winner!

The Rules
  • You must not represent someone else's work/phrase as your own
  • You can enter more than one phrase
  • Winner will be emailed and announced on the blog and Facebook
  • Winner to claim prize before the end of 2012
  • Entries accepted until Wednesday 16th November 2011, followed by a polling period of 3 days.

I really look forward to seeing your entries!

Cheers, Chicken


  1. How lovely is that sewing machine!! I heart sewing... Ok I have 2 for you. The first is my own thought up right now just for you Tania... Are you ready?

    "Sew many things" it could be read 2 ways... 1. Soooo many things to sew hehe or 2. Sew lots and lots of things. Either way it's short and sweet.

    Xo Steph

  2. Back again... The 2nd one is my wonderful friend Lauranie's blog name "This is sew my life" I love her to pieces and have never met her (the feeling is mutual too I assure you) she is such a breath of fresh air and her blog name just always stuck. One day we'll meet no doubt but for now she sew rocks... Hehe

    Ps I am following...

    Xo Steph

  3. Hi Tania,

    This is one of my own:

    'Creating: a sharing of ones heart and soul'

    This is how i feel when up all night working on my crafts.

    p.s. i love your work.

  4. On behalf of Marie Herter
    ♥ Sewing with the flow ..

    ♥ You reap what you sew .. (the bible)

  5. On behalf of Olivia Harwood:
    Sew neat, sew tidy, sew you

  6. On behalf of Olivia Harwood

    "If crafting be the food of love, sew on" attributed to W. Shakespeare's older sister.

  7. from moi xxx

    "If I can forever create then I am forever happy"


  8. On behalf of Suzanne Phillips:
    "'May your bobbin always be full."

  9. how about....
    "sew you think you can craft?"
    "sew far so good"
    or even
    "the needle and the damage done" for all the neil young fans.
    and i allways like
    "eat, sleep, sew"

  10. Alrighty here are some of my crazy ideas -

    "I sew therefore I am"

    "When life gives you scraps... sew something"

    "I heart craft"

    I read these three somewhere but it the authors weren't credited -

    "I cannot count my day complete
    'Til needle, thread and fabric meet."

    "My soul is fed with needle and thread."

    "I love sewing and have plenty of material witnesses."

  11. I will try and come up with somthing myself, but till then an uncredited author:
    "I'd rather be stitching,than be in the kitchen!"
    x Ilja

  12. Okay...
    1) To sew is to breathe, so create and thrive.
    2) to jump on Bec's idea above... 'Eat. Sew. Sleep. Repeat.' I am making a baby's quilt with the same saying ATM, except it has play instead of sew. I love it!!

    Good luck Tan!

  13. My caption would be 'Sew happy'

  14. "sew be it"
    I've been thinking for a couple of days but it came to me when I saw the picture today! :)

  15. my suggestions
    "sew happy stitching"
    "creating the threads that join our souls"
    "creating happy hearts"

    Nic xxx

  16. On behalf of Sandra Girardin
    1) Itching to be Stitching. 2) Sewing mends the soul. 3) Sewing forever, housework whenever.

    All author unknown


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