Friday, November 25, 2011

Competition in the market place: an opportunity to be awesomely different

Many of my lovely Facebook friends will know that I have been doing my craft thing online for a few years now.

Like many crafters, I tried on lots of different products and styles, looking for my niche. I found it with fabric covered books, using a process and style that I developed personally over 2 years ago. They were clearly my most popular and sought after ite
ms, and I was proud of them. PLUS I enjoyed making them. They indulged my fabric obsession.

Since taking 12 months off to have my second baby however, returning back to Chicken Ink. has been more difficult than expected. It seems that the hole I left in the market place was quickly filled, and demand for my work just wasn't what it was.

So I was left with 2 options:

A: Sulk and stand in the corner

B: Accept that things change, and see this as an opportunity to push myself creatively

I have chosen B. A just isn't in my nature; and hardly inline with what I have discussed on my other blog, The Contemporary Handmade Alliance!

The competition in the market place with like products has become a massive opportunity for me. An opportunity to push myself to be innovative and different. Although my patchwork covers are unique to Chicken Ink., I wanted to do more. And what better time than now?

Now is the time to delve deep into the creative recesses of my imagination. Pull together all my years of arts and creativity training and go in a new direction. Push myself and stretch myself.

It has been the best thing for me!

I have always thought as my book covers as mini canvases. A frame if you will; a prescribed area for creatively, contained within the boundaries of the cover dimensions. This really came forward when I started patch working my covers. And now, the next step. Using lino cuts and fabric paint along with appliqué and stitching to bring an entirely new, original style.

This style really does pull together all my training over the years. My VCE (year 11/12) consisted of Studio Arts Painting, Studio Art Drawing, Ceramics and English. So I had lots of fun and got a good basic arts training. I am so glad to now be able to put it together with my love of craft and fabric!

I am at the very start of this new direction, and your support has already been fantastic. It has really spurred me on, and encouraged me that indeed I am on the right path. Thank you.

Stay tuned with lots more new designs to come over the next weeks and months. As always, your feedback and support, dear friends, is greatly appreciated and valued.

Cheers, Chicken


  1. Hi Tania!

    I just discovered your gorgeous creations today via the fabulous Angela, of 'Yes, Dear!' I loved your post and your attitude towards your work. It's great to be pushed creatively. And your book covers are simply divine! xxx

  2. Thank you Jess for your comment and feedback, and welcome! Angela is a great barometer on the Aussie handmade movement, and her endorsement of my work is just awesome.

  3. Tania :) these are amazing :) its so much fun pushing boundaries ;) I think your work is awesome...and am planning on budgeting on some Chicken Ink spending for 2012! ;) I had a very eclectic arty upbringing ;) not training as such tho I did do Fine Art for GCSE ;) My father was/is a ceramic designer and artist and I spent my early childhood in a workshop with kilns at shows and at the school he worked at being surrounded by his CDT, Pottery and Art projects...As children we were always brought up to look beyond the today to tomorrow and to always think beyond what was immediately obvious...I hope too my creative journey continues to enable me to develop to include more of that archived knowledge and experience and love of the Arts ;) PS I failed sewing and hated Home Economics...was much more fond of galleries, sculpture and travelling so I always laugh that I have somehow decided to use the needle to paint my pictures :) x

  4. Thanks Georgie for sharing a bit about yourself and for your feedback! I always wonder how people came to be doing what they are doing today.


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