Saturday, September 22, 2012

Chicken's Creative Space

Are you lucky enough to have a dedicated space for your creative persuits?  I am, but I wasn't always.

When I first started Chicken Ink. 3 years ago, I was taking over the family dining table and driving everyone nuts.  Then we moved house, and a dedicated workspace was a non-negotiable item on our checklist.  But then, when we moved in I only had trestle tables and other temporary furniture to work on.  Still, it was a massive step up!

Recently though, after carefully watching my local Buy Swap Sell pages on Facebook, and scouring the op shops, I have picked up some key pieces of furniture second hand, allowing me to fit out my creative space with much more of the design aesthetics I have always dreamed of. My space now proudly houses a refectory table and two second hand chairs, a vintage cupboard and an upcycled chest of draws {decorated by moi}.

Side note: I love recycling and upcycling, and I love supporting other creatives.  Therefore it pleases me no end that my new antique fabric cupboard with shabby finish is from a local maker, Michelle of "I Love Vintage".  It was the final piece to upgrade the space.

While the area will always be a work in progress, I am super happy with it's feel and atmosphere.
I sometimes just like to stand in it.  I know I am really lucky to have it.  Now to find time to make stuff.....

Enjoy my photographic tour of my creative space!

 Cheers, Chicken
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